BRUbelt ®

Flat, high strength belts for materials handling, lifting equipment and drives.

What is BRUbelt?

Whether for material handling equipment, elevators or conveyors – the BRUbelt is defined by maximum dynamic strength and is available in customized designs.

BRUbelt is the combination of high strength steel strands and high tech polymers that allows the creation of the innovative drive systems in the smallest possible space.
Compared to conventional steel cables, BRUbelt offers higher load-bearing capacity with a reduced metallic cross-section. BRUbelts cover a very wide range of different applications. As an alternative to chains and wire rope hoist systems, they offer the user a maintenance-free, cost and space saving solution for the respective area of application.

What is the structure of BRUbelt?

BRUbelt provides you with low noise, high strength flat belts for various in confined spaces. This product is used. In the areas of lifting equipment, conveyor technology, industrial doors and lift systems in warehouse logistics.

Advantages of the design

(In comparison between wire ropes and chains with BRUbelt).


Increased flexibility and traction


Improved running properties


Smaller pulley diameters


Lower belt elongation under load


High running quality about vibration and noise


High resistance to external influences

(e.g. weathering, abrasion, UV radiation)


High tensile strength


Extreme bending and flexural fatigue strength


Smaller pulley and idler diameters


High wear resistance


Halogen and silicone free

Pictures of various drives and end connections

Winding drive

Traction drive

End connections

Clamping plate

Winding sheave

End connector

BRUbelt end fasteners

With the Brubelt end connector there is no reduction of the minimum breaking load. In addition, customized end fasteners are created upon request.

The flat belts made of steel cords sheathed with thermoplastic polyurethane do not require lubrication, but run grease-free on the pulleys, which significantly reduces maintenance costs.

Compared to wire ropes, BRUbelt flat belts cause considerably less wear on belts, idler pulleys and drive pulleys, which also has a positive effect on maintenance costs.

The belt itself has three times the service life of classic steel cables. With a wrap drive, the drive motor can be mounted close to the ground and is therefore easily accessible. The BRUbelt is also used as a traction drive, thanks to the frictional properties of the coating, the BRUbelt can be used with the smallest possible drive pulleys.

BRUbelt flat belts save space

The high flexibility of BRUbelt flat belts in combination with their flat shape allow smaller sizes of the entire installation. Both the idler pulleys as well as the gearboxes and motors can be selected to be significantly smaller.

Also, depending on the design, a single small deflection pulley is sufficient.
This advantage enables up to 50% space savings and allows a higher lifting height and thus additional available storage capacity or perfectly exploits a low hall height in confined spaces.

An overview  of the flat belts

The table below gives you an insight into our product portfolio. However, our strength also lies in developing specific designs in cooperation with our customers. Depending on the application, we can also integrate copper or fiber optic cables into the flat belts in addition to the steel cables (BRUbelt Hybrid).

Breaking load
[mm x mm]
Numer of
steel cords
Ø of steel cords
BRUbelt 3.6kN3,68x2.340.930
BRUbelt 7.5kN 7,516x2.380,960
BRUbelt 9kN 925 x 2.3100,990
BRUbelt 15kN 1532 x 2.3160,9125
BRUbelt 32kN 3630 x 3.0121,6202
BRUbelt 43kN 4730 x 3.3102235
BRUbelt 64kN 7260 x 3.0241,6404
BRUbelt 109kN10970 X 3.3242564
BRUbelt 126kN126100 x 3421,6673
BRUbelt 160kN17960 x 6.5104,2980
BRUbelt 218kN218150 x 3.34821140

The right scope of application

Whether in the warehouse or the production hall – the flat belts can be used in their standard temperature range from – 20°C to + 60°C and behave in a non-condensing manner up to a relative humidity of up to 80%. However, the exact limits of use depend on the particular load case. Higher or lower temperature ranges can be accommodated in customer-specific designs.

BRUbelt flat belt for your project

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